The Fiery Colors

The pageantry of Vermont’s fiery display can only be compared to a perfect Impressionist painting – priceless. Its an immersive experience, so the truly genuine way to appreciate the spectacle is to get out of your car, grab your walking stick and point your boots towards a crisp walk to the perfect vantage point for soaking it all in. And soaking, it turns out, is one of the most enjoyable ways to wrap up a day in the foliage. Indulge yourself in the bubbling waters of a hot tub under the starry sky where the chill air of autumn is kept at bay and relish in the day’s sights. Fall activities and events in Vermont only add to the excitement and pastoral affairs that fill this big green space.

Fall in the Green Mountains presents many new opportunities for adventure and family-fun. Of course all the activities you enjoyed in the spring and summer are still on-tap and very likely that much more enjoyable in the cooler temperatures among the stunning color-splashed vistas. You can still enjoy the biking, paddling and casting a line for a hungry rainbow trout or two, but autumn also offers standing invitations to the true heartbeat of the Green Mountains: Vermont’s farms and their celebrations. Treat yourselves to the charmed tradition of horse drawn wagon rides, a romp through a corn maze – completed with a cup of fresh hot cider and a funnel cake or two. Or get busy picking perfectly ripened apples at one of Vermont’s renowned pick-your-own orchards. Choose from over 100 varietals including Vermont’s favorite – the McIntosh. Of course you’ll also find plenty of the Spartan, Empire and Northern Spy (perfect for pie making) and other cultivars as you roam the hills and valleys. And don’t forget to seek out the ideal pumpkin for your Halloween porch jack-o’lantern or for some tasty pie making. Whipping up some pumpkin muffins, cookies, parfaits and a pumpkin spice latte will be a huge hit with family and friends – add your creativity and viola!

An overview of Vermont’s deep agricultural traditions can be harvested at our Vermont farms section. You may need to burn some calories after all these treats – fortunately we’ve got you covered. Hiking!

Autumn hiking in Vermont is simply hiking at its very best. The trails are dry and crispy under a mat of vibrant colors. And among these cooler temperatures and fresh breezes the wildlife – from the eastern gray squirrel and cottontail to wild turkey and white-tailed deer – are well aware that winter is approaching, so nests must be made and food supplies secured.

Don’t be surprised if you scatter up some grouse or woodcock – they’ll be gone in a blink. All in all its an ensemble of energy, and often hilarity, as the wildlife scramble about. If you are hiking the higher trails bring along a tumbler of hot chocolate or flavored coffee for warmth. And, finally, keep your camera at the ready – capture that NatGeo winning shot if you can!

Top Fall Activities

Mountain Outdoor Activities - Gear Up and Get Moving

Fall Sports

In fall, the excitement and thrills of the outdoors is enhanced and deepened by the autumn colors and crisp cool breezes. Its a perfect time to energize and strike out to enjoy the outdoor sports. Enjoy kayaking, whitewater rafting and fly fishing to horseback riding, road cycling and hot-air ballooning in and over oceans of Vermont’s colors.

Fall Arts

Fall is a time for harvesting and celebrating the work accomplished. A time to discover the arts, crafts, festivals and celebrations of the traditional and bold new artisans of the mountains; from pottery and quilting to jewelry, and both fine and folk art, don’t miss the harvest-of-arts in the Green Mountains.

Fall Specialties

Vermont’s specialties come into full bloom in fall – from apple and cider festivals to pumpkin patches and the delightful fruits of the orchards and farms – its the season for savoring the bounty.