Recreation and Pastimes

Summer in the Green Mountains offers a striking display of contrasts. Warm and bursting with energy and pulsing with outdoor activities, feel free to roam among small community events (of course you’re invited) and regional festivals of all stripes such as art fairs, local music and farm-totable culinary gatherings – explore Vermont’s festivals! Tubing down the crystal clear streams offers a unique vantage point – passing under the red covered-bridges and stopping at the perfect swimming hole for a cool dip is ideal for lazing away a summer afternoon. Families enjoying a lakeside camp-site, adventurers pursuing high altitude thrills and couples seeking that special recipe for romance will find all that and more.

The braver visitor can find plenty of excitement in hot air ballooning, ziplining the green canopy and easy to challenging rock climbing. In the evenings cooler breezes drift down from the mountains and provide a delightful respite from the sun-soaked days. Time for some relaxation after the balmy day’s outdoor activities, perhaps some quiet time on your B&B’s porch swing watching the fireflies, enjoying a cool crisp Vermont craft beer or gazing at Vermont’s deep night sky with the Milky Way shimmering overhead.

While it’s true that Vermont doesn’t have a seacoast, Lake Champlain – known as the Inland Sea or Adirondack Coast – covers well over half of the state’s western border with New York. Here boating, sailing, water-skiing and sightseeing cruises on the cool waters are wet relief from all the action. Just keep an eye out for Champy the lake’s sea-monster of lore. And yet summer is also languorous and laid-back (ok, lazy) inspiring the leisurely walk along well worn stream-side pathways, an afternoon nap in a hammock under a shady maple or enjoying an ice cream in the town square while people watching – you’ll be up to your ears in conversation and smiles in no time at all. Summer in the Green Mountains is truly the stuff of dreams.

Top Summer Activities

Mountain Outdoor Activities - Gear Up and Get Moving

Summer Festivals

The Green Mountains in summer is the time to celebrate our unique variety of musical traditions, arts and craft artisans, moonlight tours, equestrian shows, craft brewing festivals and so much more.

Summer Attractions

Summer Attractions

Families and friends will discover and enjoy all they wish for at our rail discovery trips, lake cruises and regional attractions including horseback riding, wagon rides, castles, lake champlain aquarium and science centers – not to mention our world famous creameries and chocolate factories.

Water Sports and Fishing

Summer Sports

Kayaking, canoeing and rafting abound in these mountain streams and rivers as well as some of the best trout fishing in the East – so come along for the ride and catch your limit too!

Summer Camping

As mentioned before, there is no better way to relish the peace and natural splendor of the Green Mountains than by camping on our land – enjoy one of our well-equipped campgrounds throughout Vermont or get your permit for truly adventurous backcountry camping where the wilds are your home.