Mountains, Waters and Smiles

There’s no doubt about it – Vermont is a recreational wonderland. For lovers of the great outdoors Vermont’s mountains (the oldest in New England), crystalline rivers, lakes and streams offer endless seasonal adventures and thrills. In winter enjoy Skiing, Snow and Ice Sports on our pristine mountains, trails and waterways. And come ready to fill your summer and fall days with a parade of activities and pastimes special to Vermont. Enjoy our Festivals, Arts, Theaters & Museums, Autumn Foliage, Attractions, Shopping and Family Fun all across these hills. Mountain and Water Sports will cheer the more adventurous while our Golf courses offer the famous Vermont vistas at every turn. As often happens in Vermont, deciding where to start may be your most challenging task.

“The great variety in recreational options is due to Vermont’s four distinct seasons – when one season’s activities come to an end the next ones are just getting started.”

Winter is time for our legendary ski runs, terrain snowboarding, free skiing, snowshoeing, cross country skiing trails, lake skating and ice boating – at speeds up to 50 mph! In summer its time for tour and mountain-biking, rock climbing, lake and river canoeing and kayaking, fly fishing, championship golf and spectacular mountain ridge hiking to mention just a few of summer’s draws. There are more outdoor activities to enjoy in Vermont than you can shake a walking stick at!

Much of the variety is due to Vermont’s four distinct seasons which is truly ideal – when one season’s activities come to an end the next ones are just beginning. Add to that the stunning scenery and miles-long vistas and the Green Mountains seem like a wonderful illusion. It’s so much more enjoyable to take your boat out when you are surrounded by gorgeous tree lined shorelines or skiing fresh powder thru statuesque snow covered fir trees or hiking through the forests of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.

Combining Vermont’s recreational bounty and its beautiful scenery with our natural affection for nature, and Vermont’s enduring popularity with vacationers is legendary.