The Satisfying Affairs of Dining

Dining in the Green Mountain State is a sophisticated affair. By fusing the skills of extraordinary chefs, a farm-to-table culture and the freshest local ingredients Vermont dining offers endless choices for healthy and savory meals. And it’s the freshest ingredients that contribute so much to this rich dining experience – to appreciate this its important to understand the Vermont farmer’s connection to the land.

Vermont’s farmers have had a long relationship with local, natural and organic farming long before it became trendy. Blessed with an agreeable climate, fertile soils and hardy workers Vermonters have always been pioneers in responsible farming techniques. Vermont’s farmers excel at producing creamery products such as artisan Vermont cheeses, fresh goat cheese, cultured butter and fromage blanc. Extraordinary care is taken in producing organically raised poultry and eggs, grass-fed beef and lamb, as well as forest-raised pork. Our farmers also pride themselves on fresh organic vegetables of all varieties and our orchards abound with apples, pears, honey and other fruits and berries.

The local ingredients make all the difference. So, whether you enjoy eating at four and five-star Zagat-rated restaurants, chic bistros or a small, cozy family café that dot the Vermont countryside, you’ll be treated to some of the freshest and healthiest dining anywhere.

“Vermont also boasts top chefs for truly fine dining – these renowned chefs come for the peace and serenity of the mountains, to perfect their art and, ultimately, please you with outstanding dining experiences.”

In Vermont’s larger cities and the small towns you’ll discover Cafes, Bistros and Bakeries which offer exceptional coffees and herbal teas, the ‘justright’ fresh pastry with local fruits and light, garden fresh lunches that invigorate for the coming day’s activities. From traditional American classics to Maine-fresh seafood to French-country and hearty Vermont fare you’ll likely have some serious decisions to make every day.

One of the bigger surprises in Vermont’s casual and family dining scene is its variety. Savor the local organic produce combined with local bison burgers, fresh-caught trout and other specialties as well as our varieties of Italian, Greek and Latin dining spots.

Vermont also boasts top chefs for truly fine dining, and those who aspire to learn from them, at virtually every major resort, restaurant, and indeed, at many of our famous Inns and even our small Bed and Breakfasts. Traditional American classics like perfectly marbled steaks with organic sauces and vegetables of the season, Maine seafood and fresh-daily Sushi are as robustly presented as French Country, Northern Italian, Vegan and Fusion Cuisines.